That's a secret I'll never tell. (short_chicka10) wrote in benfosterfans,
That's a secret I'll never tell.

Trailer for "30 DAYS OF NIGHT" recently released.

Wow, this community hasn't been posted in for a LONG time. Just in case anybody is still out there, i thought i'd share the trailer for one of Ben's newest, upcoming movies, 30 Days of Night. I also made a seperate post that should be up shortly for his other movie, 3:10 To Yuma.

Plot summary for 30 Days of Night (taken from
In Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost town in the U.S, the winter sun sets and does not rise for 30 days and nights. From the darkness comes an evil force that strikes terror on the town, and all hope is pinned on a husband-and-wife cop team.

Directed by: David Slade.

Also starring: Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, Danny Huston, Craig Hall, and Mark Rendell.

Release date(s) for this movie.

Ben's character's name is listed as "The Stranger" and if you didn't notice him, he's the one that comes up at about 1:11.
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