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Ben Foster Profile - the Movie-Fanatic (tMF)

Hi fellow Ben Foster Fans!

Check out the actor profile we just published over at  www.themovie-fanatic.com.

A profile of one of Hollywood's most talented, yet under-rated actors, Ben Foster!
By Deana Martin

“I'm so sick of sarcasm and irony – I could kill! [laughs] Sincerely, the real root of things is love and sacrifice. Everything else is an illusion. I'm not trying to preach here; I can't tell anybody anything. But I will say, if you're available to them, there are so many great secrets in the world, so many signs. It's when we stop for a moment and listen that the world gets interesting.”

Examining 28-year-old Ben Foster’s most recent roles as the vampire-obsessed lunatic in 30 Days of Night, the murderous Charlie in 3:10 to Yuma, and the meth-addicted skinhead in Alpha Dog, one might be surprised to hear such positive and uplifting thoughts from the up and coming actor. Foster may have gained notoriety over the past few years playing some of the most convincing villains to hit the screen in a long while, but his career actually began on a much lighter note.

Many of us have fond memories of Ben in his first role as Tucker in the teen show “Flash Forward”, a staple of the Disney Channel in the mid-90s. Even at a young age, Foster had a way of commanding the screen with his comedic timing and complete freedom of over-the-top facial expressions. He perfectly epitomized the kid in your class that you got really annoyed with every day, yet secretly had a crush on.   ...Read the rest HERE!

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